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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Everyone enjoys love interest in a story, and life persistently intrigues us by presenting us with emotional problems. We cannot believe that matters of love should trouble Taurians, however, as their ruler, Venus, bestows upon an affinity for affairs of the heart. No one needs to tell Tauriansreflecting Venus, the Goddess of Love, as they do-how to direct Cupid, when this planet is the symbol of the very quality of love, itself! Therefore, lovable Taurians should never lack for affection. Perhaps their difficulty is a surfeit of this good thing. As stated in the chapter on "Everyday Life," Taurians when driven to extremes of emotionalism, may become too possessive, desiring complete and sole ownership of their beloved.

Taurian children are imaginative. When life fails to give them complete satisfaction through their affections, they may withdraw into a world of daydreams. This is not good, for it prohibits the Taurian child from exercising outwardly his talents and abilities, shutting him away from the realities of life. Taurians never seek forcibly on their own, as the firesign types of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries do. Venus-ruled people find that they can be contented idling away their hours with artistic dreams. They can "let themselves go" in a world of fantasy, and fail to grasp the actual opportunity at hand.

When we, as Taurians, note this tendency within ourselves, we should force ourselves outward into the larger world of the real. If, as Taurians, we are to win the battles of this domain of life, whether as grownups or as children, we must learn to be objective in all affairs of heart and mind. This positive attitude encourages creative action and releases us from the limiting and binding effects of our own strong emotions. Taurians should release themselves from painful oversensitiveness, and also from a selfish attitude toward others. So we have dared, after all, to advise these Venusruled "love experts" of the zodiac. We must admit they are unusually lucky in love, for life holds out this cup of happiness to them.