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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and the Home

Second-sign persons are essentially homebodies, for all Venus people are deeply rooted in their homes. Home is the foundation of their very existence. The typical Taurian wife feels most comfortable when exercising her culinary arts, preparing food for herself and family. Let us not over 30 look, however, the artistic side of her ruling planet, Venus, as this lady is also very much in her element when employing her natural gifts for art and music. Instinctively, the Taurian wife dedicates herself to the home; and from this base emanate all her other activities. She has that common purpose with her family which is so necessary in establishing a feeling of unity. Difficult situations which sometimes arise in the home environment provide opportunities for the Taurian wife to exercise her tact and common sense. Her problems are never greater than her ability to solve them. In fact, all Taurians are as strong as Gibraltar in their home situations. Their wisdom in regard to financial matters, and the extremely practical advice they have to offer, are very useful here.

When a sense of common purpose is felt in the home, people work together for the common good; each is willing to sacrifice his own smaller aims for the general welfare, and none is envious of the success of another member. This constitutes true enjoyment of the community life of the home, for as each one grows in wisdom and worldly success, the entire household reacts in a spirit of love and joy. When we learn to forget ourselves in the welfare of the group, then we become the most valuable of associates. Individual success is great, but the ability to rejoice in the achievements of those close to us is so much greater. Reacting in this higher way enables us to perform the fourth labor of Hercules, bringing harmony into the home circle. To keep these values in mind is eventually to attain them, for people tend to externalize their hearts' desires.