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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Human Relationships

People of this zodiacal sign, ruled by the planet Venus, draw much of their satisfaction in life from human ties, blood and otherwise. Taurians are by nature "good mixers." They delight in friendly, everyday associations, and often act as conciliators between dissenting members of a group. However, when the Taurian permits his lower nature, his selfishness or his envy, to invade his associations, such good relationships are interrupted. There is a possessiveness in the quality of the second-sign individual which can be expressed as jealousy or envy. Although not fickle in love, Taurians may become too attached to their own, which selfish, binding attraction can cause unhappiness. Taurians should endeavor not to be envious of associates whose achievements exceed their own. Rather, their energies should be directed toward improving themselves, for envy makes happy human relations impossible.

Taurians who shut their ears to constructive advice from those who know them best, and who refuse to make adjustments, fail to receive the satisfaction of helping others. Persons of any sun sign may literally become deaf if they turn an unhearing ear to the voice of love. We know that, with Taurus, these cases are rare, for the natural Venus quality of the second sign suffuses the entire domain with rosy warm and sympathetic affection for others. These types love admiration and praise. We can win the Taurian's affections by showing approval, by giving him that little extra coaxing he needs so much. All Venus-ruled types are extremely sensitive to suggestions from others. Constructive words lift them emotionally. Taurus, in his turn, should be generous with words of gratitude and praise. In this way, human relationships are built and strengthened rather than undermined. Love is the keynote in the solving of our everyday problems; and Venus, planet of love and beauty, is the way-shower in this respect.