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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Finances

Financial matters do not usually present problems to second sign people because financial supply and the quality of the sign itself are in complete accord. As stated, the spirit of Taurus is closely akin to the green pastures of early spring and to the animal, the bull, who loves to graze thereon. The bull, animal of strength and power, is the symbol of the second sign. As long as Taurians maintain their innate poise and self-control, life should not offer them serious problems in matters of supply. However, when their emotional nature runs riot, the center of the Taurian power is disturbed, and the inner reservoir of strength is drained of its bounty. To perform the Herculean task of solving financial problems means that Taurus must learn the art of self-mastery.

He begins to conquer this zone when he learns to evaluate money correctly. When his life-activities are founded on true values, then the Taurian becomes a center of power to all who come within his range. Taurians possess so much vital energy that people flock to them for advice and comfort. We find them becoming masseurs, or practicing medicine, nursing, and other healing arts, because they have a magnetic touch. They impart encouragement to their friends and patients, knowing, as they do, that health is the normal condition of man, and firmly expecting that Nature will bring about this condition. Faith is their power. They do not question their success, but trust the healing balm of Nature to adjust the patient both physically and mentally.

Taurians, under the influence of their ruling planet Venus, are capable of seeing life from the viewpoint of others, and of sensing their needs. Thus, they possess personal interest and understanding, sympathy and tolerance. These types do not dwell upon the lacks or deficiencies of others. People appreciate this positive attitude and, instinctively, respond favorably to it. In the long run, we find that the Taurian who thus lives up to the highest potential of his or her sun sign, solves the problem of finances easily and in accordance with the laws of success.