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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus Achieves the Goal

To develop a well-rounded life we must externalize our hidden powers. This is not accomplished overnight but, when the need for certain development arises, we respond to it by demonstrating that we have the power to exercise our gifts. Taurians are patient people. They are willing to spend years, if necessary, to perfect some gift which Nature has generously given them. Artistic persons find that hours spent in the development of their talents are as enjoyable as the recognition thereof. There is great joy in anticipation. The Taurian spends many happy hours perfecting his gifts in seclusion.

To gain patience is half the battle in all self-development, since such development takes place within the limitations of our physical natures which are subject to natural law. Thus the time element must be considered.

The difficulty of the twelfth labor lies in learning to be less self-centered. Taurus works in secret to improve himself, and the problems of happy human relationships are inseparable from this theoretical work. Combining the head and the hand speeds self-development. The Taurian who knows that human relationships are as important as professional success both reaches his goal and finds happiness awaiting him. Self-improvement is as a path of light leading to a "pot of gold," but the direction of this path lies along the line of good-fellowship; without it the pot of gold will be missing when we reach the final stretch.

To develop friendliness as well as hidden talents is to arrive and hold the prize. We hardly need to remind Taurians of this, however, as Venus-ruled persons automatically feel this truth. The twelfth labor should be easily performed by these good-natured types whose ruling planet directs them along the right path.