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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Friendship

The surest way to win friends is to be a friend. To like people is to be liked by them in return. Taurians are naturally attractive, which makes them agreeable companions. They are permanent and true in their affections, a quality that is appreciated by all who know them. Second-sign persons are not the easiest types to understand upon first acquaintance, for the diffident quality of the second sign renders them slow to reveal their true natures. Taurian confidence is won only with time. However, sooner or later, the inner beauty of members of this sign becomes apparent to those who love and understand them.

We enjoy the association of optimistic, cheerful people. They make us more content and encourage us to improve our circumstances even further. They make the world appear to be a good place in which to live. Cheerful people help us to appreciate the fine things of the present, and to enthusiastically prepare for the future by developing our latent talents. The happy person never lacks friends. When life brings him into contact with people of various sun sign types, he will be determined to look for the good points in their characters, and so he will surely find those good points. A little praise creates the link in the chain of friendship. Taurians should give praise unstintingly.

It is wonderful to see how an attitude of helpfulness and cooperation aids in the winning of friends; and through his friendships, the Taurian finds new opportunities for selfexpression, and further realization of his inner wishes and hopes. Friends help at every turning of the road. Definitely, the Taurian world takes on more warmth, light, and sunshine.

Love, then, is the basis of friendship, and friendship is the basis of love and all true human relationships. Venus-ruled Taurians find the process of winning friends right in accord with their natural tendencies, inasmuch as love is a keyword of the second sign.