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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Success

Everybody desires to achieve success no matter what his sun sign, and everyone quite naturally desires recognition for work well done. We express these wishes when we say: "Good luck to you." "I hope I succeed." Even the simple phrase, "Thank you," means a great deal. They all suggest our desire for a feeling of satisfaction for ourselves and for others.

Taurians have their own determined ideas. Once their minds are set, it is difficult to change them. To achieve the greatest success, they should begin early-even as young children, if possible-to develop their talents to the full. Successful lines are those which come under the rulership of the planet Venus, as well as those activities which are concerned with the astrological element Earth. Many Taurians have achieved prominence in the political world as both Venus and Earth create the social worker. Their friendly and cooperative attitude wins many friends. Once success is attained, these types maintain their standing in society for, unlike less stable people, Earth-sign persons are secure in their achievements.

Taurians who desire success just for the sake of fame and not for real service to humanity are off on the wrong track. We really must ourselves become greater than our objectives. We do not want merely to fill a position, but to be ourselves superior to our undertaking. In this way we give the work the touch of the master who is above and beyond his art, accomplishing it with a relaxed effort. To be relaxed in our achievements is to thoroughly enjoy success. To have fear regarding our work causes us to feel tension so that the strain of the endeavor renders it of difficult accomplishment.

A person who is self-determined like the Taurian is free from fear or suggestions from associates. He is stimulated only by his own positive assurance to achieve his goal. He enjoys encouragement, but is not dependent upon it. Thus, when a high level of self-control is reached, success is certain and permanent.