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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Self-Knowledge

Believe it or not, Taurians have quite a "bump of conceit," phrenologically speaking. If we examined the Taurian head, we would find that, although it is well-rounded, it shows that prominence indicative of self-esteem. Taurians "catch" this from Aries, due to proximity in the horoscope. People of this sign, which is ruled by the planet Venus, have receptive, formative natures, which make them attractive and appealing. Venus, associated with love, beauty, and charm, is the spirit of graciousness itself, and these characteristics are reflected in Taurians who live up to the highest qualities of their sun sign.

According to astrology, these people are determined, having a dominant will of their own. They believe that they are right in their opinions and hold to their beliefs. But despite this determination, we cannot help but smile at their willfulness. The Venus quality persistently shines through into the glory of their personalities, which like the spirit of early spring days, reflects the freshness and beauty of nature, including its blessing of sunshine. The lives of Taurians appear to include a great deal of sunshine, for any occasional showers are soon dissipated. Their problem is to find more of the sunshine and to understand and utilize the overcast days also. Taurians are particularly subject to moods which cause them not only emotional depression but its physical reactions. Resentment, self-pity, feelings of guilt, and other negatively-charged emotional attitudes do cause actual physical symptoms. They should know that such moodiness can be corrected through determination.

Taurians are gifted persons, clever artists, musicians, including singers. They are essentially homebodies. Nature has given them much variety of talent, and it is no wonder we find the typical Taurian nose to be short with an upward tilt. Taurians adore peace, harmony, and luxury of all kinds. This beauty-loving sign gives to the world people who are dependable and true. Phlegmatic of temperament, they are those who know how to accept their "good" from nature. Like the green pastures of spring, Taurians are productive, protected, and essential. They enjoy life, often finding that they are the "source of happiness" to others who learn to depend upon them.