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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Ideals

When we judge human nature, we are judging ourselves. If we are honest with ourselves, we learn to accept the fact that human nature is still far from perfect. We must be realistic enough to learn to transmute these imperfections in ourselves and others. In the face of reality, it is necessary to set a life-goal. Every person needs to establish an ideal, and no person needs this more than a Scorpio. The steadying influence of an ideal gives the Mars-energy an outlet which is most helpful. Instead of stressing imperfections in themselves or in others, Scorpios, as it were, open up within their own being a new and upward sense of direction, a new highway, permitting the pent-up energy of Mars to arise, lifting them above the limitations of the everyday world. These magnetic people have, or should have, a soothing, healing effect upon others; and, as the power within them soars, that potency influences others to follow suit.

How does Scorpio move higher? By establishing a goal or ideal strong enough to counterbalance the detrimental attitudes of those around them, and to learn to rise above outer limitations, sorrows, frustrations and ill fortune. When we can care about something more meaningful than the events of everyday life, then we are on the road to victory. If Scorpio people, even when they are mistreated, are able to maintain their poise because of the attachment to an ideal, then the irritating happenings of the world lose their power. Scorpios are dedicated to higher attainments; they learn to meet negative situations constructively, considering the good of other people, and continuing to this regardless of what may occur. The attainment of the ideal becomes all-consuming. Small defects and petty occurrences, lose their power to sway the mind which cares more for the development of character. Completion of this ninth labor can be achieved by anyone of this sign who makes the necessary effort.