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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Self-Renewal

Ask any Scorpio about the art of self-renewal and he is apt to show immediate interest. Instinctively, members of this sign know this secret, for it is essentially an "alchemical" ability. Scorpios are born physicians and healers. They understand human nature. They know when people are living up to the highest standards, and they do not like to see their acquaintances fail to come up to their requirements. Intuitively, they know whether a person is doing his best, which is why so many Scorpios become censorious and faultfinding.

To achieve the benefits of self-renewal, Scorpios should endeavor to reform themselves first, before endeavoring to change the world. By thus working upon their own nature, they learn to apply the theory of good thinking to themselves. Thev learn the arts of seeing and stressing the good in other people. They learn to harness their energy and use it for good, just as a person harnesses a horse and makes it serve. Then, after a time, these natural Scorpio forces will follow the constructive paths determined for them without deviating therefrom. This means mastering the ability of renewing the personal self into something finer and higher; of living up to the highest standard-and, instead of responding to the scorpion, or lower, side of their natures-deliberately learning to choose the eagle phase of themselves.

Not only may they soar upon wings to the greatest heights, overcoming their physical limitations, strengthening their bodies, and rebuilding their environments-including their sources of finance and supply-but Scorpio people may be compared to the "call of the trumpet" of persons in the eighth sign which is designated as that of self-renewal. Transformations which may be difficult for others to accomplish are easy for Scorpio through the process of self-renewal, the forte of this domain of the zodiac.