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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

Someone has said that Scorpio people are most congenial with persons of their own sign, which may be so, inasmuch as it takes one insightful person to appreciate another. For instance, Mars, the ruling planet, finds perfect congeniality with another Mars-ruled type. But whether or not this is entirely true we know that Mars people are congenial with fire-sign persons, and as Scorpios are mixtures of both fire and water, they are harmonious with water signs as well. Thus, Scorpio has a wide range from which to choose a partner. Life, however, does not always bring us into close relationship with one of our own astrological affinities, but may present us with a partner of an antagonistic sign. This circumstance begets problems.

As all types are necessary in the world, and as each possesses something of all the other twelve we know that there is an answering chord in our nature, however weak, to the qualities of all zodiacal signs. Thus, if Scorpio mates with a person born, let us say, in an airy sign, then he has a good chance to prove the adage that we can control our stars through understanding. By appealing to similar qualities within our associates and endeavoring to harmonize with them, we find that there is actually considerate common ground between this, a water sign, and any of the others.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual who is handling this particular problem. Some people never learn the art of cooperation. But as the powers of the mind increase, we become better able to cultivate those traits which provide "meeting grounds." Failure is not in our stars but in ourselves. Scorpio types make excellent mates. They are true, steady, and devoted. They can be trusted themselves, and should try to grow more trusting toward others.