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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and the Problems of Health and Service

Scorpio, ruled by the energetic planet Mars, is considered a sign of accomplishment, especially on the physical plane. These types tend to overdo. In office or factory, as physician or nurse, they are people who give unstintingly of their talent and physical strength, until people come to expect this service and begin to take advantage of the Scorpio's willingness to give, thus draining him of energy and causing physical exhaustion. Eighth-sign temperaments are quick and energetic, and delight in darting about. Along mechanical lines, they excel, for Mars rules any occupation having to do with iron or steel. They triumph as physicians and surgeons. Especially apt in the art of diagnosis, they are capable of detecting the causes behind illness and are thus able to recommend cures.

Scorpio persons are quick in their thought and speech, reflecting the fiery quality of their ruler in combination with the watery element of the sign. This gives a unique combination which is truly effective. If we have Scorpio types among us, we can be sure of dynamic action, for they abhor stagnation. Because of this, some Scorpio people are afflicted with nervous ailments. If they desire permanent health, the best thing they can do is to take time to relax. Mars types can learn a valuable lesson from Libra people whose Venus influence acts as a counteracting influence upon highly sensitive types. Tense people are subject to stomach and digestive ailments which further limit their otherwise unbelievable strength.

Work and health go hand in hand and Scorpio people who guide and direct their energies find that their tasks are readily accomplished. They recognize that life has a way of presenting them with opportunities for service, and that Nature gives them a generous supply of bodily energy to perform these works for their own benefit and for the welfare of others.