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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Scorpio people are generally fortunate in affairs of the heart. They are faithful, lovable, and honorable, and expect the same qualities to shine forth in their mates. But as we are dealing particularly with problems of the signs, we must look for the shortcomings and weaknesses that may create these problems. One of the great stumbling blocks in the path of happiness and love is the fault of picking other people to pieces, and this does not only apply to Scorpio, but to all people of all signs. We learn in school how tiny crabs behave when one of them is injured: all immediately pounce upon the injured creature and tear it to pieces. How like crabs people of all signs can bel Even children can be very critical of one another. One youngster will ride another for some defect hard enough to inculcate a life-long complex. Many mothers excuse the errors committed by their own children and blame other children for leading them astray. The fault may not be in either child, but in the parents. If the mother is irritable, the child will likely be so, too, or the child may set off the spark of irritability in the mother.

The initial difficulty in finding happiness and permanent love is to get people to face the fact that they themselves are problems to solve, and that they have to work first upon their own personalities. We should learn to improve ourselves before undertaking to reform the world. People may start a great deal of trouble because they become suspicious and imagine others are talking or acting against them. They feel that others are watching them. Thus, they get everyone into a turmoil. This habit of blaming other people for our own faults is really a weakness in judgment, an attempt to justify ourselves by denigrating others. We see examples of this every day.

We mention these defects of human nature inasmuch as the lower side of the sign of Scorpio may give rise to these faults which, permitted to endure, definitely preclude love and happiness. However, when the Scorpio type expresses his higher Self, such limiting defects fade out of the picture.