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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and the Home

Capable Scorpios find the home environment congenial. Water-sign persons, including Cancer and Pisces, are essentially home types. Scorpios are outstanding home-makers for they possess the strongest sense of duty coupled with a love of domesticity. Often too critical for their own good, and the good of others also, Scorpios should try to refrain from detrimental criticism; should learn the technique of instructing others more constructively through praise, example, and co operation. One thing is certain regarding Scorpio persons at home, they keep a watchful eye on their own, and no one can assume any false attitude, or commit any error that is harmful to this base of life-activity. Their shrewdness and sagacity should be appreciated by members of their family circle, for we need those qualities. Nature uses them to keep a watchful eye upon her children, young and old.

Scorpio persons are mechanically-minded, and we find their homes well-equipped with modern machines for simplifying housework. These people are far more apt to see that the home is more comfortable than that it is beautiful. However, if there happens to be a Libran in the home also, together they can make it a lovely as well as a useful place.

Eighth-sign people, ruled by Mars, are active and industrious. They are energetically clean. Spotlessness is characteristic of a Scorpio's dwelling. This, as stated, is the sign of the alchemists who tried to change base metals into gold. Alchemy, in this context, refers to transforming imperfections into perfections of character. We may observe this in any Scorpios we know. They possess a great deal of creative power, for this eighth sign represents the creative impulses of Nature. We find them inventing mechanical devices for simplifying household chores.

Despite their enormous energy, these eighth-sign people should conserve their powers by obtaining adequate rest; otherwise, they are subject to nervous tension. Thus, home problems are not difficult for the otherwise successful Scorpio to solve. It simply means living up to the high potential of the sign.