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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Relationships

When Scorpio people are thoroughly awake to their innate possibilities, they arise from their limiting personal selves to a great Self within them. This greater Self is symbolized by the eagle, that bird which soars into the higher altitudes and which possesses the bright and piercing eye. Any Scorpio person who achieves this state of self-recognition finds that his human relationships become adjusted automatically. Family ties become harmonious; or, if changes are in order, the best way to make them is seen clearly. Such a Scorpio individual will have many friends, for he has developed the ability to see life from the viewpoint of others, and has lost that petty critical habit of the lower Scorpio mind. People, themselves, are the sources of satisfaction to those who learn to value human relationships above the mechanical everyday interests of life.

It is said that a person who has many friends and relatives, and who enjoys the companionship of his own sisters and brothers, children, and close associates is not likely to suffer frustration. The love nature finds satisfaction through many personal contacts, and the individual becomes inclusive in his feelings. People who find no enjoyment in family relationships are classed as eccentric, and are subject to unhappiness when even temporary ill luck befalls them.

The development of Scorpio emotional life is actually a process of maturing spiritually. The self-centered person of any sign is considered immature by psychologists who recognize maturity as that state in which the individual receives satisfaction in working with others for the common good. The Scorpio should know that his own individual welfare is linked with that of the groups in which life places him; and he should be willing to sacrifice his smaller personal aims for the good of those wholes. The Scorpio, then, who reaches this state of emotional maturity is controlled by his higher mind rather than by his lower private instincts. This is really a marvelous attainment, for it is the basis of true happiness, and assures good personal relationships throughout life.