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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Finances

Like the sign of Taurus to which Scorpio is related through opposition in the horoscope, eighth-sign people are naturally gifted in matters of finance. They are exceptionally wellequipped to handle the funds of other persons, making fine executors, trust officers and guardians. Neither spendthrifts nor misers, they maintain a balance in the conservation of their supply. However, their greatest asset is on the side of the actual production of material. These persons are energetic and powerful producers. They have tireless energy, and are the types that keep the wheels of industry turning.

There is a subtle connection between actual cash and the reserve energy of the physical body. We find that to tithe financially corresponds to conserving the energies of the body. Thus, Scorpio people who learn to conserve their energies are on the road to financial freedom. There is a relationship between the energy of Nature as found in the human body and actual substance or supply. It is through the use of this energy that sources of supply are created.

Scorpio people find many lines of work open to them through which they can increase their fortunes. These lie especially along mechanical lines in production of iron and steel. They make excellent chemists and physicians. They excel above all signs as diagnosticians. They make competent clerks and workers in business, for they do not shun detail, but enjoy routine. The active Mars vibration in the sign may take the Scorpio person into activities connected with railroads and other vehicles of travel. They are capable of winning success through bold enterprises.

Mars is never the type to give up without a battle; and, especially in money matters, if these types stick to their wellorganized plans, they will win through to financial freedom and success. People like them, for they are steady and true; not ones to run from one occupation to another, but rather trying to fulfill their positions of trust to the fullest of their abilities.