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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio Achieves the Goal

What is the goal of a Scorpio person? We can well believe he has a high calling, knowing what we do about the highest nature of each person of this sign. Some may not have glimpsed their goals, and others may be well on the way to achieving them. Young Scorpios should set their sights for attainment in the outer world, and realize that such attainment presupposes many years of diligent study. Those who utilize the Mars energy for this purpose are on the right road. The earlier the Scorpio person begins work in his chosen field, the greater and the sooner will be his accomplishment. But no matter at what age, it is never too late for one to begin. The statement about old dogs being unable to learn new tricks is erroneous for the reason that any dog can learn a new trick if he's hungry. We, as human beings, can all learn "new tricks" when our very lives are at stake. All we need is that incentive plus self-confidence.

Scorpios who have learned to divest themselves of conceit can also sidestep regrets over bygone failures. A new set of values enters the heart of the advancing person as he sees that goals which contain no human element of love are not worth the trouble to attain. It is more worthy to cultivate decent emotions than to strive for mere worldly success.

Of course, the development of natural talents brings gratification to the artist, inventor, constructive home-maker, or whatever. Many Scorpio women's very high ideal is to create the perfect home. Through the realization of this, they not only bring joy into the lives of others, but happiness comes to them unsought. In summary, the highest goals in bring the greatest satisfaction and peace.