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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Success

Scorpios, even though ruled by Mars, are not fame-seekers. If they receive honor, it proceeds solely from their energetic activity along lines in keeping with their sun sign. These people can easily receive recognition as politicians, inventors, writers, and doctors. They have all of the qualificationsincluding endurance, energy, intelligence, and the desire to be helpful to others-to achieve success. In fact, their desire to serve must be curbed unless they can learn to deal with others impersonally without exhausting themselves.

Scorpios are very sincere, even essentially religious. They delight in ceremony and form. We can picture the ideal Scorpio directing ceremonies which require that innate sense of perfection which these people so abundantly possess. Scorpios have courage; they have will power and nerve. Therefore, if they set goals and live up to them, they should reap rich rewards. They want only the understanding necessary to balance this daring and courage. By developing an objective attitude toward the world and by cultivating a sense of unity with the whole, they divest themselves of any awkwardness, rashness, oversensitiveness, or bad judgment. People who act always for the greatest good of the greatest number seldom make a serious misstep.

Success is a matter of choosing the right objective and sticking to that choice until perfection is achieved. Concurrently, Scorpio people find that they themselves grow in character and grace until they command respect from all who know them. It is not difficult to achieve once the individual has himself grown greater than the position he seeks. Success, then, means self-mastery.