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Scorpio - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Scorpio and Self-Knowledge

This sign, the most mysterious and difficult to understand of the twelve, presents a challenge to astrologers, who delight in discussing Scorpio. In fact, a sign that exudes an air of mystery is intriguing, and we cannot be satisfied until we have plumbed its depths. It is extremely important, also, that Scorpio persons should have knowledge of their own innermost characters, for without this understanding, they are in no position to develop their potentialities to the fullest.

The eighth sign is that of the alchemists, those mystics of old whose problem was the transmuting of base metals into gold. Unless Scorpio people have some comprehension of the possibilities contained within their own sun sign, they may not exert the necessary effort to bring out their hidden capacities; for they, like alchemists, may accomplish valuable transformations, given understanding and work.

Eighth-sign people are usually very exacting, acting as natural judges in human affairs. Their standards are high, and to these they demand adherence. When people do not live up to their ideals, Scorpios can be extremely critical. Their problem, then, is to learn to judge less severely and to be more constructive in their criticism. These people are quick and restless. Ruled by the energetic planet Mars, they are fond of movement and of travel. Since they seldom enjoy sedentary occupations, we find them holding positions which demand action.

This sign gives us our most gifted mechanics and inventors. They have magnetic personalities, and are recognized experts in the art of healing. Also, they make good politicians, those rare individuals who, through ideology and a supreme sense of duty, struggle to set the world right. Scorpios are not ones to endure disagreeable behavior in politics without trying to do something about it, for they delight in revealing hidden evils. We have mentioned a few outstanding qualities of the eighth sign and, as we progress, shall learn something of the Scorpio method of handling problems in the light of simple astrology.