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Santa Clara-Santa Cruz - Notable Wineries By District And Region

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(Note: Information Originally Published In 1955 - Presented For Historical Perspective!)


Hallcrest Vineyard, Felton

Some 400 feet up the slopes of the Santa Cruz mountains, overlooking the San Lorenzo Valley above Felton, lie the Hallcrest vineyards and winery, devoted solely to the growing of Cabernet Sauvignon and White Riesling grapes, and to the production of these two ioo per cent varietal table wines.

The vineyards are planted on the crest of a hill and were for that reason named Hallcrest by their owner, Chaffee E. Hall, who purchased the property in 1941. A corporation attorney by vocation, practicing in San Francisco for many years, Chaffee Hall is also anenophile, knowing and appreciating truly fine wines, having developed his taste during his numerous trips to the wine lands of Europe. It is at Hallcrest that he fulfills one of the great ambitions of his life, that of producing, with knowledge and lavish care, Santa Cruz County table wines which compare in elegance, bouquet, and taste with the very finest of California.

Chaffee Hall is his own wine maker and all operations in vineyards and winery are either accomplished personally or supervised closely by members of the Hall family. The utmost care is taken, both of the vines and of all stages of wine production. The first vintages were of 1946 and these, as well as the succeeding ones, have been remarkably successful.

Cabernet Sauvignon and White Riesling are marketed under the Hallcrest brand, with indication of the vintage year and with the Santa Cruz County appellation of origin. They are bottled in elegant fashion, with lead-foil caps imported from the Netherlands and with wire-mesh covering procured in France.

Bargetto's Santa Cruz Winery, Sequel

The founders of this family firm were the brothers Philip and John Bargetto, sons of Giuseppe Bargetto, winegrower and wine maker from the neighborhood of Asti in Piedmont, Italy. Giuseppe came to this country, but later returned to his native land. He must have inspired his sons differently, for they both came over to stay. Philip came in 1887 and worked for some twelve years in the famed old Delmas Winery near San Jose. John Bargetto immigrated in igog and first engaged in the produce and grape-shipping business. In 1933 Philip and John founded the Bargetto Winery in Soquel, which is now owned and operated by John Bargetto and his two sons, Lawrence and Ralph, the former being the wine maker, chemist, and general manager, and the latter having charge of sales. Two daughters of Philip complete the family membership of the enterprise.

The Bargetto wines are produced from grapes purchased from vineyards scattered over Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. Table wines are the specialty, while aperitif and dessert wines, including a Marsala and Dry and Sweet Vermouths, are purchased, aged, and marketed to round out the line.

Fine-quality table wines are featured under the Bargetto brand, with Winemaster's Bouquet the label for those of the regular grade. Bargetto table wines include the following:

RED: Cabernet Sauvignon (from Vinehill-area grapes), Barbera, Malvasia (from the Black Malvoisie grape, and one of the very few produced in the state), Zinfandel (from grapes purchased in the Bonny Doon area), Burgundy, and Claret;

WHITE: Sauvignon Blanc (their premium white wine), Dry Muscat (a light, dry muscat wine made from the Alexandria variety), Moscato Amabile (a light, sweet muscat wine from the same grape), Sauterne;

ROSE: Grenache Rose (dry), Grenache Rose (semi-sweet), Grignolino Rose.

Note: A dry Vin Rose made from local Zinfandel grapes is also marketed under the Winemaster brand.

The plans are eventually to produce other varietal table wines of quality, including Pinot Blanc, depending on the availability of the desired grape varieties. A red table wine of the vino-rosso type will also become available.