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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and Ideals

When we discuss ideals with Sagittarians, we are truly "bringing coals to Newcastle," for Sagittarians are very familiar with high ideals, believe in them and practice them. Thus, members of the sign of the Higher Mind not only demonstrate the power of the ideal in their own lives, but reveal the way to others. The faculty of intuition is characteristic of the sign, and Sagittarians receive direct guidance from within. This then, is the sign of the religious teacher who, like the arrow of Sagittarius, points to higher things.

These types rarely miss their direction in either physical or mental travel, gifted as they are in directing both phases of life. Mental telepathy, thought transference, and extrasensory perception can be sharpened to a high degree of accuracy by these persons. Their qualities are nobleness of spirit and honorableness. It is but a step from these higher human attributes to the super-faculties demonstrable by persons of the ninth zodiacal sign.

Sagittarians are said to possess a peculiarly fit frame of mind for the transmission of mental messages, and they perform their best work silently through concentration. When Sagittarians erect an ideal within the temple of their thought, they soar to extraordinary heights. They sometimes become founders of philosophies, and very often teachers. The establishment of the ideal makes them mentally and emotionally independent of other people, giving them a needed stability.

Regardless of the vicissitudes of life, the ideal will see us through our difficulties; we may cling to it, as to the Rock of Ages, regardless of what fate may bring. If we can then, like Sagittarians, establish this goal, we will become independent of the thoughts of others, and start our undeviating course to higher things. Ninth-sign types have the necessary "drive" to take them through any and all adverse circumstances; and, with the ideal in view, are on the road to the true mental health and well-being.