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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and Self-Renewal

People who are naturally joyous and are exuberant may not find time to examine themselves for a thorough renewal. The problem here is for members of this sign to convince themselves that they should do this. Life has a way of forcing us to take quiet relaxing periods, and even the Sagittarian's circumstances may demand that he take a careful look at himself, noticing just how the years have dealt with him, surveying the results of past efforts.

It is possible that too much joy of life has precluded serious thought, and that the general attitude of the ninth-sign person should have a thorough checking over. It is during these renovations in our lives that we lift ourselves to higher levels of activity, thus side-stepping some unfortunate condition which might have overtaken us. We should each assume the task of renewing our mental processes, so that we can keep abreast of life, discarding outworn ideas and acquiring fresh ones. Even a very young Sagittarian can utilize this approach. These people of all ages possess very clear and direct minds, and we cannot help but observe when listening to the conversation of Sagittarians that they perceive truth directly, and are definite in their expression of it. Instinctively, they watch every word and thought. Those coming from Sagittarian lips are tremendously potent forces for good or ill. If they are tempted to be abrupt or critical, they must learn the art of kindness. They must cultivate constructive self-concepts, not stressing their limitations, but dwelling upon the ideal they should like to accomplish.

Possessed of powers of prophecy, every Sagittarian knows or feels that he shall accomplish a great work in life when his lower nature is thoroughly controlled and the higher phases of his mind hold absolute sway over his acts. This is the solution to the problem of self-renewal, and should not offer the philosophical Sagittarian any serious difficulty.