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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

Sagittarius has something of the dual nature of Gemini, in that its people's higher and lower natures sharply divide them. When they permit the higher side to rule, they are the world's most valued citizens, and make the finest partners in marriage or business. These "live wires" enliven marriage with their interest and charm. In spite of their volatile natures, Sagittarians evidence honor and magnanamity as might be expected from subjects of Jupiter. We know that we can trust the Sagittarian, whose word is his bond. Those who temporarily fall under the fiery influence of their emotional natures never remain for long in this "reversed" condition. Their anger or passion is short-lived, and they are always ready to respond to that high side of their nature which, astrologically, is symbolized by the "arrow's head." If we observe the sign of the Archer and his arrow, we shall see that this "head" ever points upward, and we picture it soaring afar into the blue of heaven.

Although Sagittarians are essentially noble, yet such types must be on guard against selfishness and envy which prevent good relationships in marriage. They may become hostile if they feel that others are receiving better treatment than they, or if their mate or partner is achieving greater success in some area of mutual interest. When Sagittarians realize that envy is the cause of much unhappiness and can destroy otherwise helpful partnerships, they learn to blot it out of their souls. Envy is essentially selfishness, and, as we know only too well, we are all subject to this defect. To have enduring good fellowship in marriage, a person has to be sufficiently unselfish to think of the welfare of his partner. Thus, cooperation is the road this Celestial Rider should take to this port of wedded bliss. His arrow represent, Cupid's dart as well as the weapon to wound and kill. Let Sagittarius use it in love and he will triumph over that seventh Labor of Hercules, the creation of a successful marriage.