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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and the Problems of Health and Service

Physically speaking, Sagittarians may be of two distinct types, represented by the horse and the pony. This is just a little astrological "slang," for essentially all Sagittarians possess the mental qualities of the sign whether they are physically large or small people. Jupiter claims both as his own and bestows upon tall and short, fat and thin, his strength and abundant health. Unless the Sagittarian is very foolish, he learns to conserve his energy and to enjoy the natural health of his sun sign.

When people of the ninth sign learn to control their impetuous nature and refrain from developing irritability which can result in high-strung temperaments, there should be no stumbling block in the pathway leading to physical health, the normal state of man. Sagittarians who have temporarily become ill should follow the advice of a good physician and "pull themselves together" inasmuch as these types have the philosophy and determination necessary to lift any shadow of illness or depressed condition.

As to problems of work and employment, Jupiterians excel in professional undertakings of legal nature, also as religious workers. They make excellent conductors of music, possessing the temperamental fire to lift their audiences to celestial musical heights. They do not enjoy being led by others, being leaders themselves. Possessing a keen sense of direction, they are capable of guiding expeditions into strange territories for they are at home anywhere. Self-reliance is the key-word of these types who function best in positions that demand initiative. As fire-sign persons are restless, any vocation which offers activity and permits of self-expression is congenial to them. They bring the Jupiter good luck into work which comes under the jurisdiction of that planet. Health and service should present no great problems to Sagittarians, since they are strong physically, and possess a farsightedness which usually carries them through.