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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Someone has noted that Sagittarians are most congenial with persons born in the sign of Leo for, as fire types, they do not conflict. Leos have great enthusiasms and endurance such as is appreciated by Sagittarians. We can well believe that ninth-sign people are attracted to Leo and vice versa; and that Aries, too, shares Leo's esteem for Sagittarius. Ninth sign people also benefit from associations with persons who are of an opposing astrological element. In this regard we think of Cancerians, Pisceans and Scorpions who represent water; and of Taurians, Virgos, and Capricornians who represent earth. These types tend to hold Sagittarian "speedsters" down to earth, permitting them to "gather some moss."

Jupiter, the God of plenty and ruling planet of the sign of Sagittarius, usually bestows his luxury upon these people, who, not surprisingly, are pleasure-loving and gay, always ready to enjoy a game or out-of-doors sport. Horse racing is a peculiarly fascinating pastime to these people who are naturally fond of horses. Sagittarians are romantic. When they believe they have spotted their affinity, they race this courtship through to a successful conclusion. But also, they may be subject to bad judgment, since, like all fire-sign people, they permit their hearts to rule their heads. The impulsive, emotionally-led person is, of course, likely to run into difficulties. Not only are Sagittarians and Arians subject to love at first sight and hasty marriage, but they are, also, often obliged to repent at leisure. It is through repentance that life teaches its prize lessons, for during times conducive to silent contemplation, we attain greater insight and a higher type of love. Thus, Sagittarians, requiring foresight and considered thought, learn through bitter experience.

More capable of directing others than themselves, in matters of the heart, Sagittarians nevertheless receive Jupiter's protection, and, in the final analysis he does bring permanent happiness and love to his own.