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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius: [Self-Knowledge]  [Finances]  [Human Relationships]  [The Home]  [Love]  [Health]  [Marriage]  [Self-Renewal]  [Ideals]  [Success]  [Friendship]  [Goals] 

Sagittarius and the Home

Sagittarians infuse the home atmosphere with joy and gladness, buoyancy and enthusiasm. Not as heart-centered as the fire-sign Leos, they find that Leo companionship in the home gives them the needed reciprocal relationship. Only a Leo appears to have energy abundant enough to match the temperament of the Sagittarian, who is forever on the go and seeks the companionship of someone who has the physical endurance and enthusiasm comparable to his own.

The home with a Sagittarian housewife is lucky indeed for she brings that Jupiterian quality which assures a horn of plenty of this world's goods, including luxuries. No home is complete for the ninth-sign person without a library, inasmuch as these people enjoy intellectual activity and delight in journeying through literature. The Sagittarian is frequently called away from his hearthside on actual journeys necessitated by his business. Often the individual Sagittarian is attracted to a foreign country or to a foreigner-even to the point of marriage to one born in a distant land. Life is never dull for these people. They bring many and varied interests into their home lives, appreciate their homes fully, desiring to make them havens of security and rest. Their relatives are proud to claim them, as Sagittarians are almost invariably honorable, noble, and true; and their behavior inspires great confidence.

Essentially leaders, they find people-even their own families-eager to follow them. They are our human compasses whose insight may be relied upon for direction in creating and maintaining the home.