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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and Human Relationships

Fire sign types easily win and maintain popularity; but it is equally possible for them to become selfish in the possession of their friends. The fault of the Sagittarian may be that he has too much of a good thing, and finds that human relationships tend to distract him from contemplative study and other high endeavors. When functioning on their lower levels, all fire-sign people are anxious, irritable, especially subject to nervous strain, and often offensively opinionated. But when this high-strung, nervous temperament is controlled and directed, as suggested by the Sagittarian "arrow," they are the most attractive of the twelve types, and are greatly valued by friends and family.

Underneath this temperamental fire, lies a deeply religious nature. So highly sensitized, they readily perceive the inner motives of others, and can create havoc as readily as happiness. Although greatly beloved by their fellows, Sagittarians often detach themselves from family, custom, and traditions, and act and think independently. Unless we understand the Sagittarian's motives and his organization, we are apt to misjudge him, and attempt to hold him down to our own more conservative ideas.

Sagittarians who learn to think first of the welfare of others represent the very highest types of the sign; for a man who is "wrapped up" in himself is indeed a small package. A person who cares only about his personal affairs will be annoyed and upset by every little mistake of his own or others. But when the noble Sagittarian learns to desire good human relationships above all, when he realizes that these are the most essential values in life, he disregards the trivial annoyances of everyday experience in favor of that greater satisfaction which comes from close emotional ties.