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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius Achieves the Goal

Each sign has its own aims according to its particular astrological patterns and, to understand the Sagittarian goal, we must consider the outstanding quality of this zodiacal sign-namely, magnanimity. To fulfill himself, the Sagittarian must first develop his own intellectual capacities, entering upon a broader and more philosophical plane. To attain success through art or science, or in business or social life, may be his destiny, but the heart of the ninth sign person is set upon more exalted objectives, termed by astrologers, those of the "higher mind." Ninth-sign people dedicate their lives to these greater achievements, and "let the chips fall where they may." It is not strange to find that fate keeps an eye on those to whom life presents the financial means of accomplishing just these desires. These people appear to be set apart by nature as chosen vehicles for higher service. They progress toward high callings selected by them in accordance with their early training and study.

The nine moons, or satellites, which revolve around the parent planet, Jupiter, must have some significance, adding their great variety to this already intriguing planet. These Moons possibly represent the various branches of higher learning toward which the Sagittarian strives, among these being philosophy, astronomy, astrology, psychology, medicine, and law. Any of these avenues of thought may open to the Sagittarian, for he is attuned to all of them and needs but choose. He may develop any one as a vocation and several as avocations. This, the sign of the ideal, is considered the way-shower in life.

Sagittarians provide a necessary stimulus to keep all of us alert and progressing. They act as aids to mental and emotional achievement. The Sagittarian ideal of intellectual perfection is worthy of our self-dedication. Thus, the sign of Sagittarius is expressive of the highest ideality without devotion to which real self-fulfillment will ever elude us.