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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and Friendship

The friends of a Sagittarian may have no real cause for jealousy, but a person who is attractive to many people often encounters jealousy within his closest associates. His nearest friend may feel justified in complaining that jolly Sagittarius is too indiscriminating in his affections, that his circle of friends is too inclusive and wide. Again, thinking of the Jupiterian traits of generosity and magnanimity, even the friends of the Sagittarian must learn to share his interests and time. Just because Jupiter does encourage many satisfactory relationships, particularly friendships, so does his subject, the Sagittarian, take refuge in these relationships when he is disappointed in other areas of his experience. Jupiterian people "make friends" with their families and, although it may sound odd, find their closest friends in their own family group.

Another reason the Sagittarian maintains satisfactory relationships is because, although he sometimes receives hard blows from companions, he never retaliates, never returns evil for evil. Negative reactions are not in accord with the positiveness and nobility of the ninth sign. He may administer punishment and chastise the offender, but this is done only after careful contemplation of the results, and for the benefit of the individual, and is never motivated by revenge. Psychologists say that revenge results from harbored animosities and that, if these attitudes are not rooted out of the mind, they will become habitual and will work out eventually in unconscious and destructive ways. These negative emotions are not Jupiterian, and the Sagittarian should not harbor them within himself, even though he cannot avoid contacting them in his daily activities.

If we are to retain our friendships and our mental and physical health, we must remember that such negative attitudes are "poison," which will not only disrupt our relationships, but actually make us ill. To solve the problem of true friendship involves rigid self-control and the Sagittarian, despite his Jupiterian good fortune, will have to face these problems at some time during his life, and develop a superstrength equal to the occasion.