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Sagittarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Sagittarius and Success

A ninth-sign person may accept fame graciously if he is accorded it, but never consciously seeks fame for its own sake. If they do not waste time in fruitless pleasures, but concentrate upon objectives in keeping with the strengths of their sun sign, there is nothing to retard the Sagittarians' success in any chosen endeavor. The planet Jupiter has "a way" with the public, for its quality is less personal than other planets. Jupiter's vibrations tend toward the welfare of others, and his attentions are inclusive. As a popular politician, for example, the Sagittarian excels. Also, as professional people, the natives of the ninth sign are well met and enjoyed by the public which is quick to appreciate those who have their interests in mind.

One of the finest qualities of the sign is its ability to react positively in competitive situations. Finding that, in order to offset failure, they must develop a positive attitude toward all situations, they learn to both win and lose gracefully, continuing their upward progress as soon as the particular crisis is over. Such a capacity is fundamental to ultimate success.

These people, like true mountain climbers, continue upward toward their peak. Armed against all deflecting conditions, neither ill fortune, nor failure, nor ridicule, nor scorn can permanently defeat them. The road to attainment is fraught with hardship, but Sagittarians' effort and self-discipline enable them to persist until they finally reach the summit.

Optimistic persons, like Sagittarians, never live in the past. Their vigorous temperaments and sensitive organizations admit of intuitive glimpses into the future, impel them to higher things. Retrospection, with its attendant drain upon emotional energy, offers no positive help in the winning of their game of life.