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Lodi-Sacramento - Notable Wineries By District And Region

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(Note: Information Originally Published In 1955 - Presented For Historical Perspective!)


THIS VAST VALLEY REGION sweeps down in a fairly narrow band parallel to the coast line, from which it is separated by the mountains of the Coast Range. Some three hundred miles long, it stretches from north of the city of Sacramento down south beyond Bakersfield in Kern County. Its climate, moderately warm in the northern areas, becomes progressively hotter the farther south one comes.

The region takes in the territory of both the Sacramento and the San Joaquin river valleys. It is the home of the great California dessert or sweet wine production, for which the climate and soil are especially well suited. Table and sparkling wines are also produced, often blended with wines made from grapes grown in northern coastal counties vineyards. Most of the inland valley region vines, especially in the warmer climatic zones, are cultivated by irrigation methods.

The three great and equally famous winegrowing and wine-producing sections of the great inland valley region are, from north to south, the Lodi-Sacramento, the Escalon-Modesto, and the FresnoSan )oaquin Valley districts.


This district takes in the wine-producing areas of Sacramento County and of the northern part of San Joaquin County.

In Sacramento County there is a winegrowing area which stretches east of the city of Sacramento down southward, where both table and dessert wines are produced. Elk Grove is a center famous for its production of berry and fruit wines.

Northern San Joaquin County contains the famed winegrowiug area of Lodi, which spreads out from that city in all directions to a surrounding region some ten miles deep. Lodi is on the Mokelumne River, which flows into the San Joaquin and is sometimes referred to as lying in the upper reaches of the San Joaquin Valley. It can also be said to be situated at the juncture of the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys and in what is known as the Central Valley.

Lodi is especially noted for its dessert wines although table wines are also produced there. It is the center of a vast Flame-Tokay vineyard district, spectacular in the fall on account of the brilliant coloring of the grapes. The Flame Tokays are mainly used as table grapes, but are also employed in many of the dessert wines produced by the Lodi wineries including the wine called tokay.