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Red Specialty Wines - California Wines

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American Malaga

The name given to a type of sweet red wine of around Ia per cent alcohol produced mainly in the East and Midwest from the Concord grape, a Vitis labrusca variety, with its own typical aroma and flavor, yielding wines often described as "foxy," but quite popular in some areas.

The wine is a type of its own and has no similarity to Spanish Malaga or to California Malaga, a nearly extinct type of dessert wine (see there), nor is it named after the Malaga grape, a table variety. American Malaga, from Concord and other grapes, has been produced in California, notably in Fresno County, to meet the competition of Eastern and Midwestern wines of this type. The wine is smooth and sweet with a grapy taste. It is kosher and is suitable for the sacramental rites of the Jewish religion. That produced in California is made exclusively from the juice of grapes as the state laws direct.

Wines of this type should be served cold, preferably in the afternoon or evening, and can also be used for flavoring desserts or as a dessert wine.

American Grape Wine

A wine so labeled, with no further indication of type, is a heavybodied sweet red wine of low alcohol content usually made from the Concord grape and with the Concord aroma and flavor. Some California growers bottle it, the wine being :produced mostly from out-of-state grapes. It should be served cold.

California Red Grape Wine

A sweet red wine of low alcohol content made from any dark California vinifera grapes.

"Grape Wine" is here used in its restricted sense, as a type of sweet red wine. All wines made from grapes are, naturally, grape wines as distinct from fruit and berry wines. Occasionally other wines, such as those of the Vino Rosso type, also indicate on the label that they are grape wines in the general sense of the term.