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Pottery & Porcelain (K) - Encyclopedia Of Antiques

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KAOLIN Chinese: name for clay. See CLAY.


KILN: The chamber used for firing pieces decorated in enamel colors and distinct from the oven (q.v.), a much larger chamber used for bringing the ware to the "biscuit" and "glost" state. The heat of the enamel oven varies from 700 to 900 degrees centigrade.

KNOBS: China and enamel set in brass were frequently used in knobs for furniture, first quarter of the 19th century. They were often decorated with painted designs.

KNOWLES, TAYLOR AND KNOWLES CO.: The factory by this name at East Liverpool, Ohio, was started in 1854 by Isaac W. Knowles, where at first Rockingham and yellow ware were made. In 1872 the manufacture of white granite ware (ironstone china) was begun and later bone china was made, on which especial attention was given to decorative work. This factory has been one of the most successful of any of the pottery enterprises in this country.

KOREAN WARE: Korea or Corea long produced porcelain attributed to both China and Japan. The decorations were conventional forms of either floral or animal subjects and the colors were limited to red, black, green, yellow and gold. Although the Koreans still make pottery the manufacture of porcelain ceased long ago.