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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Ideals

Persons of the sign of Aquarius, and also of Pisces, know the power of ideals. If we behold only the material facts of existence, we miss the greater realities which lie in the unseen world of thoughts, emotions, and ideals. When the power of ideals begins to dawn upon an individual, he is in a position to completely remodel his life. As Emerson says, we learn to "hitch our wagon to a star," and the power of this magnificent ideal overshadows the physical man and envelops him with a subtle, unseen glory. It can be sensed by sensitive persons. We instinctively know when we are dealing with an idealistic person. A person who practices the precepts of Christianity and endeavors to live by them, cannot help but become a living example of love and beauty. People learn to revere and honor such a one, for he permits the rays of Truth to shine through his personality as a lens admits a white light.

Each one of us is in life for a purpose. It does not just happen that we are situated as we are and think as we do. The very fact that we are reading and studying astrology and philosophy means that we have arrived at a time when we can take our "ship of life" in hand and guide it consciously, always remembering that there is above us a higher Power that sees what we cannot see, and adds superior vision to our limited sight. When we establish ideals in our hearts and deliberately set to bring them into living reality, we contact this guidance very positively and enable it to work more easily through our mental mechanisms. We may call this Power the "subjective," or the "super-conscious." It is difficult to name It or classify It as anything short of Divine Wisdom.

The Pisces individual who touches this Power within and above him is truly in contact with the highest of ideals. He is ready to become a channel for his Higher Nature, ready to receive this Ideal into his own limited personal self, which is the aim and end of individual existence.