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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Self-Renewal

Twelfth-sign people have the power within themselves to extend their lives to a great old age if they fulfill the Laws of Nature. They, above all signs, are in touch with the remarkable subconscious mind and are able to draw from its inexhaustible storehouses for added strength and length of days. They have power to renew their bodies and to maintain a youthful appearance throughout their days. Each of us, regardless of his sun sign, has this same opportunity, but many people fail to take advantage of hidden or mystical powers because of their material attitudes toward life. Pisceans, on the other hand, are inclined to swing over to the creative side of the scale and take full advantage of subjective gifts and conditions. The truly fortunate individual is the one who can contact the great wells of energy lying within him and, at the same time, keep the objective viewpoint so that he may utilize his power outwardly.

Pisceans possess the marvelous key that will unlock secret treasures for them here and now. This key is within the souls of these people themselves. It is their own guiding light within which illumines the path. This light is -spiritual knowledge, the cosmic gift to twelfth-sign types.

However, to receive the greatest benefit from the light of understanding, they must set to work to express such wisdom in earthly duties, day by day. At first, the Piscean may not know how to accomplish this. There is but one way, and that is through the power of thought and its expression in outward deed. Each of us knows the meaning of the words "good" and "evil." We must definitely determine to entertain the good thoughts within our minds and reject the evil. We must learn to visualize strength and courage, hope and faith. We accept the universe as friendly and know that all life is with us in our attempts to bring forth perfection in ourselves. We learn to be considerate in all things, for this is closely related to perfection. This, then, is the secret of self-renewal that is bound to result in health and happiness.