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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and the Problems of Marriage and Partnerships

These people, under the sway of the romantic Neptune, dream of perfect companionship and fate brings this dream to realization when they live true to the highest ideals of their sign. People of double-bodied signs such as Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius have many opportunities to marry, yet fate decrees that they shall find their one true mate. Psychic people often know at first glance when they have found the one person in the world for them inasmuch as Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, is quick to recognize a kindred soul.

Harmony is the rule in any household where Pisces is in control. The partner is wise who listens to the Piscean song of wisdom which springs from a nature whose psychic perceptions guide it in life through vicissitudes, darkness, or confusion. These sensitive types need peace in their surroundings to accomplish their best work. If they cannot find this harmony in their homes, they either retreat within their own natures in a way characteristic to water signs, or they give in to their restless urge to travel away from their inharmonious associations. An understanding spouse for a Piscean will try to make life as peaceful for him as possible for he is easily influenced by others and subject to constructive suggestion.

The business firm that is fortunate enough to have a Piscean partner does well to listen to his advice which springs from an insight which is based upon the knowledge of the great unconscious mind, and which is able to inform us of events and facts never consciously perceived. These Pisceans are the ones to receive "a hunch." They see visions and dream dreams. Thus, the Neptunian touch is invaluable in business or in marriage. Pisceans are successful in such businesses as beauty parlors, millinery stores, art stores, and also in the trades mentioned in the former section on Health and Work. This sign should meet no problems in partnerships, but Pisces' partner may need to adjust himself to the Piscean high ideals, vibrating as they do to the spiritual quality of Neptune.