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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and the Problems of Health and Service

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, ruling as it does the feet of the Grand Man of the Universe, is outstandingly one of service for humanity rather than labor for individual benefit. Into whatever work Pisceans undertake, they put a certain altruism. They add their peculiar artistic touch striving toward perfection. This sign, like that of Virgo, is one of the perfectionist. Pisces is the sign of the completion of the project whereas Virgo is the sign of beginnings, details and plans. In actual experience, however, if we permit a Piscean to take work from Virgo's hand, his procedure will be entirely at variance with that of the sixth sign. His viewpoint is more comprehensive, and he sees things as completed wholes. Pisces is the sign of the synthesist, whereas Virgo is the sign of the analyst. Pisces will hand you the finished product with grace and a smile, while Virgo will enter into great detail as to the perfection of minute parts, often forgetting that there is a time limit on production.

Pisces people are capable of earning their living in a great many ways. Ruled by the planet Neptune, they excel in any occupations dealing with drugs, perfumes, paints, oils, gasoline, anaesthetics, tobacco, and art. They excel in acting, in detective work, or businesses connected with fish and the sea. They make excellent nurses, possessing a magnetic gift of healing. As doctors and diagnosticians they perform well. Their ruling planet admits of a psychic ray and these people are "lenses" for the transmission of a mysterious sixth sense. They bring this power, known as intuition, to bear upon whatever type of work they undertake and they infuse into it something of the glamour of Neptune.

As to matters of health, although Pisceans are subject to overweight, especially after middle life, they should have good health. As the twelfth sign rules the feet, they often 173 have reactions in these extremities if they are not careful of diet. As dancers, ice-skaters, walkers and runners. Pisceans take the prize. Then, with the exercise of a little care, health should present no major problem to members of the twelfth sign.