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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Pisceans make ideal lovers for, astrologically speaking, the planet Venus, the goddess of love, is exalted in the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and reaches its most lofty expression in these people. It becomes that quality which seeketh not its own but endureth all things. Because this is true, twelfthsign people are those who suffer keenly on behalf of those they love and no sacrifice is too great for them to make for the beloved. Pisces assumes the burdens of his own. People pour out their troubles upon the shapely shoulders of these compassionate types knowing that it is their nature to willingly assume some portion of this burden, lightening their load with a kindly touch.

Also, it is the characteristic of the twelfth sign person to idealize his beloved. With the "eye of love" he sees only perfection. This glorified vision of the lover works out for good, for instinctively, the admired one feels this power and responds to it, living up to the thought that is held up for him to follow. Thus, the person who is believed to be noble, and who holds a noble position in the heart of another, is obliged to act nobly. It is through the Piscean vision of perfection that he is our greatest teacher. He teaches by example and by his vision of the ideal. Do his associates and charges respond? We know that they do. Thus, the twelfth-sign individuals are admired and attract to themselves true love and its reward of happiness. People delight when basking in the sunshine of an idealistic lover.

Pisceans are attracted to people of their own water triplicity, namely, Scorpio and Cancer. They are also congenial with Taurus, Virgo and Capricornus. When finding a responsive mate in life, these types expand in their nature, expressing all of the wonderful inner qualities of their sun sign. They are most happy when this companionship is found. Such constructive relationships become a nucleus wherein are nurtured new life, new gifts, art, love and beauty.