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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and the Home

The twelfth sign of the zodiac is "double-bodied"-that is, it contains within itself a dual quality something like the "duplex complex" we find in Gemini and Sagittarius. These people are gifted in many ways, finding more than one art a vehicle for their versatility. Into the home environment we know that Pisceans bring charm and glamour. They make the home that much more interesting by adding the indefinable qualities of their subtle personalities and by expressing these charms through artistic endeavors. Pisceans are inherently artistic. They delight in creating beauty in their surroundings through use of pictures, color and design. The Piscean is precise and accurate. He has a place for everything, and puts everything in its place. His day is apportioned so accurately that, although he undertakes a great variety of tasks, yet, at the close of the day, everything is completed with the characteristic "finishing touch," and a feeling of peace devolves upon the Piscean who has thus fulfilled himself. Thus, the ideal of a perfect home becomes for the Piscean an actualitv.

These types are not dictators. Like Aquarians, they enjoy their individual freedom and want others to have their share. As husbands or wives, they are perfect mates. As introverts go, they are interested in people. The welfare of their associates comes before anything else. We all have weaknessesperhaps "the defects of our qualities"-yet, once we know which point needs strengthening, we can start to work on that point. Pisceans should know that they are capable of attaining their goals in life, never permitting anyone in the home environment or elsewhere to convince them otherwise. These glamorous types infuse this charm into their environments, and it is no wonder that the Piscean home is a haven, an oasis of strength, to all who are fortunate enough to dwell therein.