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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Human Relationships

Piscean types do not usually have difficulties in their human relationships, for these easygoing people are not looking for difficulties with others, and are inclined to "give in" to the wishes of others, asking only that peace and quiet be maintained. They are not looking for great activity or display, feeling that life fulfills itself in them through quietude and peace. They may be inclined to "Let George do it," and refrain from taking outward action, even when needed. This is one of the weaknesses of the twelfth sign. Although they are orderly and hate confusion, they lack the initiative to force themselves to "match ideas" and perform the actual work necessary after the "catch:"

Twelfth-sign people can develop this initiative, however. Attitudes are developed very much as are muscular skills -that is, by using them. We know that we develop our muscles through exercise. We develop our mental and artistic gifts through usage. Therefore, we can expect that if we meet conditions in life that tend to overwhelm our initiative or "snow us under," we can rise above this through determined effort and development of the powers we want. Pisceans may find it more difficult than most signs to force themselves ahead. They have ideas, but they do not want to actually begin with the work of bringing them to fruition. Through their imaginations they can visualize external expressions diminishing their need to enact them as they should.

Their friendly and pleasant relationships become more intriguing to them when they permit their timidity to melt away. His associates react with surprise when they become aware that their retiring Piscean friend is now taking the reins of action into his own hands and directing a positive course. Pisces knows the art of living successfully with others and steering his own canoe at the same time. He has rehearsed this in his own mind until he expresses the trait he longs to develop. This is building character through determination, and balances the artistic inner nature of members of this easygoing sign.