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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Finances

There is a kindred quality between the sign of Pisces and matters of supply or finance. The reader may wonder how this can be; yet, in thinking of the quality of the twelfth sign of the zodiac, we picture it in connection with its symbol, the fishes. This gives us a mystical key. Fish have been selected as symbols of supply, inasmuch as they are Nature's most prolific creatures. If all of them could survive in the sea, the ocean would be choked with their bodies. However, natural law compensates for this; the fish fall prey to each other and to man, so that the sea maintains its balance. Fish reveal a secret to us through their ability to multiply. They tell us that substance multiplies a thousand times, and that there is a force in Nature which may be termed the Law of Increase which, if contacted and used, will operate the Law of Supply in our own lives. We learn to "catch a fish" when in need of this substance.

Fish are also symbolical of ideas. Pisces people are full of creative ideas. They have the power to "hook fishes" and to make them useful as material gain. However, they may lack the initiative to forge ahead and accomplish this in actuality; and herein lies their problem: Pisceans have minds which are in touch with universal creative ideas, but they must catch and utilize them in real life. We are here reminded of the adage, "God helps those who help themselves." Also, the wise saying, "God will provide the food, but he will not cook the dinner." So, when the creative Piscean awakens to the immense possibilities within his own nature, he solicits the aid of "The Powers That Be" to activate them. It may be necessary to solicit the help of his friends, his Arian pals and those born in the sign of Taurus, who furnish the driving power and initiative to carry the ideas through to their final expression.

How shall Pisces attune himself to "catch a fish?" He does this through desire, enthusiasm and study. What we expect to receive, we shall receive: ideas, if we ask ideas; supply, if we seek supply. It takes patience to "catch a fish," but many people of this lucky sign are doing it daily.