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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces Achieves the Goal

The goal of the true Neptunian type is one of harmony and peace in his personal relationships and in his own soul. It includes the expression of innate talents and gifts. Pisceans have no thought of financial reward in the expression of their abilities along any creative line. Their thought is to perfect some type of work, and, in the doing this, they find happiness in the whole-hearted response of others to their efforts. Thus, we find many artists of this sign who are so lost in their work they fail to receive a just rAurn for their effort.

This sign of compassion gives us many types of deep penetrating thought, people who devote themselves to lives of research and philosophy, who lose themselves easily in the love of their activity. Pisceans sacrifice themselves in behalf of others in the home, office and political world. This unselfish work for others achieves their high goal at whatever age they develop this absorbing interest, young or old.

However, in thinking of the problems of this sign in the achieving of this goal, a person who constantly envisions himself achieving, but does not do the actual work required to win success, permits the days to pass without accomplishing in the external world. Many Pisceans do just this. We find them filled with enthusiasm, and they talk about this and that plan to carry out their ideals, but never bring themselves to actually do the work. And yet, as this is the sign of completion, we should think that each person of this sign would never rest until he had brought about actual accomplishment. The thought of the accomplishment may be perfected within the mind, but we must also have the thought made visible. Pisceans find that this work in the world of reality brings happiness, and that there is more happiness in traveling toward the goal than there is in its actual attainment. In the end, it means the development of the Piscean character-the perfecting of the person, himself-and this is Nature's goal all the while, although she may win her objective through many an apparent bypath. In the final conclusion, we learn we have rounded out our individual characters.