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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Friendships

The finer the character of a person, the more likely he is to experience uplifting human relationships. Spiritually advanced people of Pisces have the qualities that make for good life-relationships. Individuals whose inner character is changeable, and who have no established ideals upon which to base their faith and hope, find that their friendships are just as changeable in character. They make as many enemies as friends, and relationships are soon broken. Twelfth-sign people do have within them what it takes to create friendship. They have the idealistic temperament and the hopes and wishes in this direction.

Because Pisceans are, as a class, unselfish, they form good relationships in life. Their business is to oppose what is selfish and false in their own characters, and in those of their associates, and to everywhere encourage what is true and kind. True friendship rests upon a relationship of give-andtake between people of equally fine mental quality; and, although this is the rule, Pisceans are generally known to be generous givers but poor receivers. They are easily imposed upon by their so-called friends, who may not realize that they should not take advantage of the self-sacrificing nature of the twelfth sign.

Pisceans should never endeavor to make people like them. If they will but follow their highest ideals, and direct their life-activities from this point of view, in the long run they will find true love awaiting them. We cannot expect everyone to like us, for people are of various sun signs and are, therefore, entirely different in character. All that any of us can do is to be sincere in doing the best he can; to have good opinions of others; to resist envy and selfishness; and to let the Laws of the Universe reward us accordingly. We will find that, by this method, we attract worthwhile companions and attain our dearest hopes and wishes. We learn to emphasize qualities in ourselves and in others which are similar, and to omit stressing our differences. Thus, by balancing qualities, we solve problems of life-relationships, encouraging people to enjoy our companionship.