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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Success

A successful individual carries an atmosphere about him that speaks louder than any words. Think how the mental atmosphere of a room is changed when an individual of poise and power enters. Outward success is the result of inner power-that is, if it is to be permanent. Somewhere, sometime, an individual has thought, said, or done something which has given him a certain mental quality. He or she radiates this quality, and others unconsciously bow before it, according him the honor due.

The attainment of success is due to choice of work and to persistence in carrying it out. Pisceans find no difficulty in the art of selecting a life work, but they may find it hard to achieve the positive attitude necessary to express it. The great actor or dancer, musician or artist, politician or physician is universally admired. He who is determined to succeed in the face of all obstacles does not permit discouraging words of others to deter him from his progress. He does not give up when everything seems dark. So enthusiastic is this individual to achieve, that his driving power is greatly increased by adversity. In Pisces, particularly, the subjective nature releases into the personality great streams of force that literally burn their way to the successful conclusion of the matter at hand. Geniuses have this burning desire to attain. They feel it within their souls as a living flame. The choice of work has much to do with success and, if that choice be made by the inner soul, then it will be the right one.

We have named the many talents of the people of the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and each individual of the sign must commune with his inmost heart to choose just the right one for him or her. Much unhappiness in life comes through wrong types of work, but the individual who receives inner guidance brings to bear upon the matter of choice powers that are higher than his own unaided vision. The problem of the Piscean is to make a proper selection of life-work and communicate with this unseen Power in himself.