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Pisces - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Pisces and Self-Knowledge

When we strike the chord of the sign of Pisces, we join the company of a class of people who represent the zodiac's grand finale in the sequence of the twelve types. This, the sign of the "fishes," is famed for its prophets and seers. Known as the sign of the mystic, the poet, and dreamer, these people are in the world, yet strangely above it. Pisces is related to religion, reverence, and worship. We find these types enjoying life in the out-of-doors and, as water-sign types, they are restless as the moving sea. They enjoy physical activity, even the gentle act of walking in the open. The higher types of the sign give us our poets and composers for, essentially subjective in quality, they have the power of expressing much of the inner beauty hidden in their souls.

An outstanding characteristic of Pisceans is their ability to contact new ideas from the "no-where" and envision them in their imaginations. They love to see these ideas work to completion in outward form, but are not always the ones to do this work themselves. However, as Pisces is itself the sign of completion, the fact that they often fail to carry through until the end is achieved is a source of worry to them.

The problem of the Piscean is his tendency to dream away the hours without achieving expression of his dreams in the world of actuality. He should objectify his efforts, externalize his visions, otherwise he will not make his mark as a positive force in this world as his sign demands. Imaginative types enjoy the most exalted thoughts, for their dreams are akin to the intuition which is alone capable of receiving guidance and instruction from higher sources. Pisces people possess great spiritual gifts, and we are attracted to them for this reason. We like them because we receive their inspiration indirectly, as by reflection, and this intrigues us. They radiate an appealing and mysterious power which is both glamorous and calming in its effects. We shall learn more of this subtle influence as we proceed with the description of the sign, discovering as we go how Pisces reacts to the various phases of everyday life.