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Metals (R) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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REPOUSSE: Relief decoration, usually done on comparatively thin metal, accomplished by hammering instead of by slow pressure as in chasing. Similar to embossing (9.v.).


ROSE AND CROWN: One of the marks used by pewterers. In England it was required to be placed upon pewter ware made for sale outside of London. Users of the mark were forbidden by the Company of Pewterers to place either their initials or date or other private mark on such pewter. On the Continent where the Rose and Crown was a favorite mark, there were no such restrictions, so that Continental pewter (q.v.) with this mark will be found to have the private mark or marks of the pewterer upon it. Where initials appear either in the Crown or on the heart of the Rose, such pieces are of European origin. American craftsmen were also apt to use the Crowned Rose in addition to their private marks.

ROSETTES: Brass rosettes, sometimes with enamel ornamental face, for the support of mirrors and pictures and to hold back curtains, were common throughout the 18th century. Rosettes with glass fronts superseded those of metal in the 19th century.