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Metals (D) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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DISH CROSSES: An X-shaped table stand, used for holding dishes.

DISH RINGS: Rings used as stands for dishes holding hot foods, to protect the surface of the table. They were made of silver in Ireland, last half of the 18th and early 19th centuries, and were called "potato rings. "



DRINKING CUPS: The earliest cups were made of horn, later of maplewood (see MAZER BowL), and even of leather and other materials in medieval times. In Tudor days there were cocoanut and ostrich shell cups, mounted with silver and with feet of the same metal. From the time of Elizabeth these cups were of pewter or silver, and took the form of tankards, flagons, caudle-cups, beakers, cans and mugs.

DROP HANDLE: A pendant brass or iron drop used on furniture, last part of 17th century. See HANDLES.