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Optical Tricks - Magic Tricks

( Article orginally published July 1927 )

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Optical illusions are always entertaining. Many of them are actually tricks, while others are certainly deceiving.

1. Which is Larger?

Cut out two pieces of cardboard exactly the same size and shape as those shown in the accompanying drawing.

When these are shown to a person-or when you look at them here on the page, it seems certain that the lower one is larger than the upper. In fact no one will doubt the statement if you make it.

However, both figures are exactly the same size. This can be demonstrated by laying one upon the other.

2. The Coin in the Glass.

Partly fill a glass of water, and place a plate upon it, after you have dropped a dime in the glass.

Then invert the glass and the plate. The water will not come out if you are careful.

Now invite someone to look through thi side of the glass. To his surprise he will so two coins; the the dime be apparently above, the other, which will appear to be the size o a quarter.

This is a good way to make money!

3. A Missing Coin.

Fill a glass of water to the brim, cover it with a small plate, and set it upon a coin.

Then invite people to look into the glass and tell you if there is anything beneath it. As they must look in the side of glass, they will not see the coin, for it will be absolutely invisible.

When you lift the glass and reveal the coin, everyone will wonder where it came from!

4. Drawing With a Mirror.

Show a person a simple diagram of a square with a diagonal cross in the center.

He is supposed to draw this simple diagram; but he must do so with the aid of a mirror, guiding his hand by looking in the glass, while the performer covers his hand so he cannot see it directly.

The person will be unable to draw the diagram. He will go in all sorts of directions, and the result will be very poor.

If the magician is called upon to draw the diagram, he can do so, by one of two methods. First, by practicing beforehand; and second by drawing the diagram by the aid of his hand alone, and paying no attention to what he sees in the mirror.

5. Seeing Through Solid.

There is a very simple method whereby a person can apparently see through a solid object.

All that is required is a tube of paper, about an inch in diameter. The tube is held to the right eye, while the other hand holds the object-a match-box or a playing card, for example-alongside of the tube, on the left.

Both eyes are kept open, and a remarkable illusion results. It appears as though one is looking right through a hole in the center of the object.

6. A Ghost.

Here is a way to make a person see a ghostl Tell him to gaze steadily at the picture shown herewith. He must look at it for about a half a minute, under a strong light, keeping his eyes on the tiny dot in. the picture.

Then he must turn his gaze toward the wall. As he looks there, a large ghostly image o the picture will appear before his eyes. Sometimes the image is very clear, and it is ofter intensified by blinking the eyes a few times.