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Match Tricks - Magic Tricks

( Article orginally published July 1927 )

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1. Shooting the Match.

A match is lighted, and another match is placed head to head with it. The instant the second match is ignited, the magician blows out both matches.

Then he sets one match upright in the drawer of the match-box, using the drawer to wedge it in place.

He sets another match on his left hand and flicks it with his right. It flies through the air and knocks off the uppermost of the two matches. The secret of this bit of marksmanship is to aim the match straight for the target; then flick it so that it revolves while going through the air. With a little practice a direct hit will be scored nearly every time.

2. Six and Eleven.

Place six matches so that they form the Roman number 11, namely XI.

State that in Rome, half of eleven was supposed to be six; so half of the number will be six.

To prove this, take away half of the matches -the lower half. The figure X is formed by two matches, and I is also formed by two. Taking away the lower half leaves VI, the Roman number for 6.

3. Red and Blue.

A red tipped match is shown and is placed in the left hand. When the hand is opened, the tip of the match is blue.

With a bit of wax, attach a red tip to the bottom of a blue-tipped match. Hold the blue tip between your right thumb and forefinger, and exhibit the match as a red-tipped one.

Lay the match in the left hand. Turn the hand over, and pretend to push the match further in. This enables you to grip the red tip between the thumb and forefinger, and to draw it from the hand. Open the hand and show the blue-tipped match, which may be xamined.

4. Appearing Paper Matches.

The magician opens a package of paper matches.

He tears out all of the paper matches and drops them in his pocket, immediately closing the package.

When the package is reopened, the matches are back again! This is a very clever trick. The package of paper matches has four layers. Separate the front two from the rear two, leaving a slight gap. Open the package and pretend to tuck back the flap, but really slide it in between the front and rear layers.

This is done as you are about to show the matches. You then apparently show all the matches; but the cover hides half of them. Tear off the matches that are in view and pocket them. Slide the flap over the stumps and lay the package on the table. When you open it, it appears to be filled with matches again.

5. Cross to Square.

Two matches are held in the form of a cross, the thumb and forefinger hiding the join.

The magician says that he can form a square with those two matches-using them just as they are, without breaking them.

When he lays the matches on the table the trick is done. The matches have been broken beforehand so that each one forms a right angle, but the matches are not completely broken.

What looks like a cross of two matches, when held in the hand, is really the two right angled matches. When they are laid on the table, each one is two sided, and the formation of the square is easy.

6. Match to Cigarette.

The magician holds a match in his righ hand. He pushes it through his left hand and a cigarette comes out instead of the match. The match is held between the right thumb and forefinger in an upright position. This enables the magician to conceal the cigarette in back of his thumb and second finger.

He brings his left hand over the right anc grips the cigarette and the match. Then h( draws out the cigarette instead of the match.

If he wishes he can remove the match from the left hand and push it up into the fist witlthe right hand. In doing this he pushes th( match into the cigarette, which has previously been relieved of some of its contents.