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Los Angeles - Notable Wineries By District And Region

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(Note: Information Originally Published In 1955 - Presented For Historical Perspective!)


THIS,THE THIRD Of the great wine-producing regions of California, covers the southern part of the state, from Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties down south to the Mexican border. Its over-all climate is warm, though less hot than that of the San Joaquin Valley in the great inland valley region. It is especially noted for its dessert wines, while good table wines, notably of the red varieties, and champagnes of quality are also produced.

Southern California consists of a number of separate wine-producing districts of which the Cucamonga district in the southwestern tip of San Bernardino County is by far the best known. It is followed by the Los Angeles district in Los Angeles County with some well-known wineries. Ventura County has a single winery in the Ojai Valley.

There are two further districts in the region, the Riverside district in the northwest section of Riverside County adjoining Cucamonga and the Escondido district centering around the city of that name in San Diego County. No wineries of more than local importance are located in the last two districts, although some very good dessert wines are produced there, notably muscatels in the Escondido district, where the Muscat of Alexandria grape attains its highest quality. It was in San Diego County that the Franciscan missionary Padre Junipero Serra planted, according to tradition, the first Mission vines in 1769.

It may be noted here that one of the best-known Mexican wineries is located at Santo Tomas, south of Ensenada in the state of Baja California del Norte, Mexico.


The Los Angeles wine-producing district spreads out from the city of Los Angeles northwards to San Fernando in the San Fernando Valley and takes in to the east of Los Angeles the section of the county covering San Gabriel and Rosemead on south to Whittier.